Books Illustrated by Lea

Dobie, J. Frank
Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver
1939, Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Massachusetts

Gambrell, Herbert and Virginia
A Pictorial History of Texas
1960, Dutton, New York

Grey, Katherine
Hills of Gold
1941, Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Massachusetts

Hail, Marshall
Knight in the Sun: Harper B. Lee, First Yankee Matador
1962, Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Massachusetts

Jackson, Joseph Henry
The Christmas Flower
1951, Harcourt, Brace and Co., New York

Kennedy, John F.
Sam Houston and the Senate
1970, Pemberton Press, Austin, Texas

McCauley, James Emmit
A Stove-Up Cowboy’s Story
1st edition, 1943, Folklore Society and the University Press, Dallas, Texas
2nd edition. 1965. Southern Methodist University Press

Mera, H. P.
The “Rain Bird;” A Study in Pueblo Design
1937, Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mills, W. W.
Forty Years at El Paso
1962, Carl Hertzog, El Paso, Texas

Powell, Lawrence Clark
A Southwestern Century: A Bibliography of One Hundred Books of Non Fiction About the Southwest
1958, J. E. Reynolds, Van Nuys, California

Saber, Cliff
Desert Sketchbook
1959, Sketchbook Press, New York

Schwettman, Martin W.
Santa Rita, The University of Texas Oil Discovery
1943, Texas State Historical Association, Austin, Texas

Siringo, Charles A.
A Texas Cowboy; Or Fifteen Years on a Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony, Taken from Real Life
1950, William Sloane Associates, New York

Smith, Rex, ed.
Biography of the Bulls
1957, Rinehart and Company, New York

Stinson, C. L.
Honor Your Pardner; Ten Square Dance Calls with Explanations
1938, Carl Hertzog, El Paso, Texas